UNIMARK INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is one of the pilot offices specialized in the legal profession in the Arab world. It has been working in the sphere of offering the services and the legal consultations, for both the corporations and individuals alike, since 1998. That is through lawyers who are specialized in the various fields of law and a group of counselors who have the broad experience in the commercial issues and the intellectual property.


The office undertakes all affairs; especially the commercial issues of all local and international corporations at the legitimate courts in the Arab world. It offers the legal consultations, undertakes all of the necessary legal procedures; such as the pleadings and the appeals in order to obtain the rights before all the official and judicial bodies. The office also undertakes the phrasing of the various contracts, the incorporation contracts, the agency agreements and all different types of the commercial contracts.


We had acquired an ample experience owing to the adoption of our office to many commercial issues for the local and international corporations during the past years, whereof the office has been granted a distinctive reputation due to our seriousness and flexibility in the dealings, which led to settlement of the disputes in many issues because we do care to save the effort, the time and the cost of our customers.


Due to the moral and substantial significance pertaining to the intellectual property for the corporations and individuals, we had established an office called UNIMARK specialized in the protection of the intellectual property. It includes a cluster of lawyers, consultants and jurisprudent who have distinctive capacities and qualifications in tandem with the broad scientific and professional experience to offer the services and the consultations for the clients.