What are the Author Rights (copyright)?

It is a form of right which grants its holder all the creative works in the field of literature, arts, science, music, drawing, cinema, photography, theater, lectures, seminars, maps, mapping and computer programmes which is derived to be what is called the copyrights.

What is the copyright? 

Copyrights grant the author the respective rights and allow him to utilize his publication during a defined period, and prevent others from the unlawful printing.


What are the years of the copyrights?

Generally, the copyright is transferred to its inheritors for 30 years started from 1st of January, after the year of the Author’s death.


What are the procedures for the copyright registry?

A registry application is submitted to the specialized body, attached with a copy of the work intended to be registered and the documents which approve the ownership of this work.

The specialized body informs the applicant whether it is examined or rejected.

In case it is accepted, the application is registered in the official body which proves in it the author’s name, his address and the date of the registry. Also, to be given a serial number and granted a registry certificate.

As the result of the registry operation, the creative work and its prevention from being used by the others without the agreement of the certificate’s holder then become an obligation.

In case of emergence of any dispute concerning the creative work intended to be registered or used, it will be resolved by the judiciary.

What are the requirements of the copyrights registry?

A power of attorney by the name of the applicant via a notary public legalized by the Consulate of the Republic of Yemen.

A copy of the publication intended to be registered.

A certificated approved by the Consulate of Republic of Yemen that proves the publication is attributed to the applicant.