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What is the trademark?
The Trademark concerns with acquainting the products, the commodities or services. It may be a name, a slogan, a symbol or a solid figure.

How do you protect your trademark?
The trademark is legally protected by being registered in the specified Authority (the Ministry of commerce and Industry). Usually, it is registered via the trademarks registry lawyer.

Why do we have to protect our trademarks?
Owing to the inimitable economical and technological progress which is witnessed nowadays, the emergence of the international trade which assisted in opening the global markets for the products and due to the lawful and unlawful competitions, the piracy of all types of products, it became indispensable that the trademarks are protected to prevent others from imitation and distortion.

The trademark grants you personally the privacy and the right to use your products which have a distinctive trademark (a certain fashion of packaging) which is preferred, appreciated and recognized by the consumer whereof makes your products very distinct and won’t be competed.

The registry of your trademark is considered the quickest and the shortest way to protect your products anywhere they are sold from being utilized by the others in order to get the merit you have acquired in the market.

    What are the disadvantages?
    Should you neglect registering your trademark, you will allow your competitors to register your trademark or a one which is similar to it. This will lead to restrain your products from entering the local market. Hence, will delay the registration of your trademark and will cost you excessive amounts at the legal procedures in order to prove your priority in the production.